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Wooden Fruit Basket

Perfect for offices with 21 -40 people. Our large fruit box contains 45+ servings of whole fruit.
The mix includes staples such as two types of apples, oranges and bananas. Plus we include a variety of seasonal fruits throughout the year.
To keep it fascinating every week we add or remove some fruits according to availability. Additions may vary which can be strawberries, plums, pineapples, pears.

Prize 20 euros.

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Why cypriot Fruits?

  • We heavy promote local products.
  • Our aim is to support local farms and to build a chain of trust.
  • We support local grown products,we help our Economy.
  • Supporting local farming we green Cyprus.
  • A local fruit had identity.

100% Fruitful Guarantee

The correct washing of food we consume is one of the most important processing steps of basic hygine.
Using wrong washing products such as detergents and soap can harm your health as fruits can absorb chemicals.

Washing with Sanitising products removes microorganisms by detaching them from the fruits and Sanitising kills them.
At the fruit boutique we are following the recommended process and we are using Disinfection tablets that are meet HACCP quidelines.