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How it works

Select Fruit Delivery Date and Quantity
Let us know if you're happy with your fruit!
1. Order trial
A good starting point is to plan on 3 pieces of fruit per person per week. After your first delivery; we will give you a call to see how the fruit was received by your staff. If the quantity needs to be changed, we can easily adjust for the next delivery.

2. Select fruit, delivery date and Quantity
Most of our customers decide to start with our standard mix boxes and leave the selection to our buying experts. These mixes have been designed to satisfy as many tastes as possible in your workplace.
If you find that you need to have a different mix, simply call us and we can adjust accordingly.

3. Fruit Delivered
Monday is the most popular delivery day with our customers. We are starting delivery early in the morning so that  you can have your fruit on time. 
For volume orders and other unique requirements we can accommodate daily delivery. We are happy to split your deliveries across multiple days.

4. Staff distribution
Next, consider the distribution of your staff. If you have an office that's spread over various floors or departments, we can break up your order to exactly match your staff's distribution and kitchen areas.

5. Let us know if you’re happy with your fruit!
We do not use contracts of any kind to lock you into a scheduled delivery. You have complete flexibility to change your fruit delivery service at any time with short notice.
Many customers begin on a "trial" basis to see how the fruit will be received, usually moving to a weekly permanent delivery after a few deliveries. Once in place, it is automatic and effortless.

Why cypriot Fruits?

  • We heavy promote local products.
  • Our aim is to support local farms and to build a chain of trust.
  • We support local grown products,we help our Economy.
  • Supporting local farming we green Cyprus.
  • A local fruit had identity.

100% Fruitful Guarantee

The correct washing of food we consume is one of the most important processing steps of basic hygine.
Using wrong washing products such as detergents and soap can harm your health as fruits can absorb chemicals.

Washing with Sanitising products removes microorganisms by detaching them from the fruits and Sanitising kills them.
At the fruit boutique we are following the recommended process and we are using Disinfection tablets that are meet HACCP quidelines.